Earn an Extra $3,000* a Month or More By Just Referring Your Friends.

* This is only an estimated amount. You will get the 20% of each transaction from the marked price made by your referral partner. Terms and Conditions apply.

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Share the benefits of Koruna Creative, a awarded on-demand design company, helping business owners and entrepreneurs achieving their goals.

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3 Reasons To Partner With Us

Interested in earning up to $3,000 or more a month? Find out how with Koruna Creative Partner Program – it’s free to join.

  • Be part of a big team.
  • Help other Businesses
  • Get Paid for all this.

Join a Team

We will provide you with access to the right tools to learn from the experts in a simple and straightforward format so you can have confidence when making financial decisions for the future.

We will give you access to a dedicated ‘Wealth Hub’ which includes a Key Relationship Manager who is your go to person for all things and will take care of everything you need.

You will be part of a big community that will help you achieve your goals.

Change Lives

We will help you turn your dreams into goals, create a clear road map towards what you want in life and keep forward momentum in pursuit of what you really want.

There is more to life than wealth, but wealth give us the freedom to choose how we spend our time and how we live our lives.

We want to give you back choice, give you back time and most of all give you the opportunity of making a good money by helping your friends and clients.

Get Paid

Whether you are a mortgage broker, a busy mum, a tradie, a community sports team or run a website, blog or Facebook page. Contact us to start making money.

  • Email your contacts, contact your friends and Start earning money from your home.
  • Add your partner code to your email signature, website and send it to your contact list.
  • For every referral, you make money and you get extra rewards.

3 Reasons To Partner With Us

The more you refer, the more you get paid. Great commission structure and bonus paid based on your volume. We offer rewards and full access to our platform based on your performance.